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About Orders and Inventory

Inventory: is a small, family-run business that tries to provide products at reasonable prices while trying not to have to maintain a large inventory. That being said, many of the products on the site might only be available in limited quantities.
   If you wish to purchase two of the three in stock of a particular item at the same time someone else is trying to puchase all three, the person who completes the payment transaction first will get their order filled. The second person will be notified that their order will be delayed or hasn't been processed.
   With any luck, business will be good and we'll be able to maintain a higher number of each item in stock.

Once you have placed your order with, it will go through several stages. They are:
  • Order Submitted - You have submitted your order but haven't paid yet. Order will be removed from our
          system in 30 days. Quantities have not been removed from inventory.
  • Payment Received - You have paid for your order.
  • Order Fulfillment - We are in the process of packaging your order for shipping.
  • Order Shipped - It's out of our hands and in those of the US Postal Service.

  • In additional, you may find these stages:
  • Payment Rejected - Your method of payment has been denied or rejected.
  • Order Cancelled - Your order has been cancelled.

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